Photo could be me but it's not.

In my head.
 think what defines me is an obsession to make a difference. To do and create things that are meaningful and that matter. How do I go about accomplishing this innate desire? By hard work, an obsessive desire to fine tune and a constant vigilance to craft. That's me in a nutshell

In a nutshell.
I am a native NYC'er, born and raised. Love all aspects of the design life from being in the weeds making beautifully branded brochures or flying high, over-seeing teams, projects and mentoring junior members of the team. I enjoy bringing satisfaction to my clients, seeing the joy on their face when I have exceeded their expectations.

I have packed a lot into 20 years. Retail advertising, social media, game design, pharmaceutical advertising, traditional advertising and international advertising. Tried it all and succeeded.

What I am looking for?
To be apart of a great team. Looking to do great things with great people. Whether in a leadership position or design roll, my talents and skills have a wide scope but my passion lies in the process of creating.


Bert Sagi